Integria Healthcare

Integria’s vision is to inspire people to live better lives through natural healthcare and be a leader in science based natural healthcare.

The Integria portfolio of brands includes Thompson’s, Thursday Plantation and MediHerb, known in markets around the world. The brands are produced at the manufacturing plants in Warwick and Ballina in accordance with the Australian Code of GMP.

Integria embarked on their Lean journey assisted by CDI in both manufacturing plants, thereafter extended the process to the Quality Assurance Centre, the Central Laboratory in Brisbane, Customer Service department and their Distribution Centre.

The first step of was to build a strong culture of engagement and continuous improvement, MBUs were formed at the front line and lean practices were introduced to drive continuous improvement and a step-change in performance.

As a result of the exceptional commitment by all involved, teams tripled their production throughput within two years with no additional resources whilst quality performance has improved by over 60%.

‘Dieter is an outstanding, world class proponent of Lean. His coaching skills are as good as I have experienced globally. His drive to improve companies performance is both passionate and professional’.
Greg Fisher GMO Integria
Creating ownership for Safety in a lean context

PsySafe™ – Psychology of Safety A bottom-up approach to creating a culture of lean Safety.

Work culture determines the long-term success of every organisation. Our Safety culture forms a key component of our organisation’s work culture and success to sustain Lean.

Most leaders intuitively know a top-down directed, compliance based approach to safety does not create a culture of ownership, trust and openness with regards to safety. When KPIs are set to achieve ‘Zero Incidents’ or ‘Zero Harm’ it often perpetuates the problem of not creating a healthy safety culture in the workplace.

One of the best leading indicators of a healthy safety culture is the number of improvement ideas generated by team members daily, aimed at making work easier and safer. PsySafe™ is aligned with Lean Management principles, leaders engage the front line in the continuous improvement of safety, focussing on making work easier and safer.

The principle of observing task performance with the aim of making the person’s work easier, safer and better is applied, rather than observing a person’s behaviour.

When hazards and risks are identified, these too are viewed as opportunities to make work safer and easier – rather as failures that are to be reported. PsySafe™ adopts a humanistic, engaging approach to safety, acknowledging that insight into our psychological state, which directly impacts our actions, assists us in managing ourselves.

This insight enables us to develop safe and healthy work practices. Team members adopt a ‘SafeMate™ to coach and provide feedback regarding their PsySafe™ profile and work in action. The Lean Safety Gemba Walk ensures Safety is established as a leadership routine and is ingrained in the DNA of your organisation.

Mead Johnson Nutrition

Mead Johnson Nutrition opened a new US$325 million production and research facility in Singapore.

The third largest of its kind in the world and the largest outside of the United States. Their vision is “To be the world’s leading nutrition company for babies and children”.

Despite the investment in best in class technology, Mr. Azmin Hasmat the Operations Director acknowledges “Our competitive advantage lies in our people, through the Mini-business concept we fully engage the hearts, minds and talent of every member”.

The CDI process was introduced to engage all members on the journey to being a Lean, world class operation. MBU teams take ownership of their part of the value chain, applying the Lean principles in practical ways to drive continuous improvement.

As a result of the successes achieved in the Singapore plant, the CDI lean process was successfully implemented in the plants in the region i.e. China, Holland, Thailand and the Philippines.