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Creating an Engaging Lean Culture in over 60 countries

We assist organisations to become world class and great places to work. Imagine every employee starting each day with a sense of purpose and ending their day with a feeling of accomplishment.

Lean, supported by a high engagement culture is the answer to highly productive, efficient, cost effective workplaces and sustainable business results

“In the end, there are no lean solutions, but rather ways of leading that engage everyone in continuous improvement towards a vision of excellence…” (Jeffrey Liker, 2016)

We will assist you in developing your internal leadership capability to implement the tools and processes that engage the hearts and minds of all your employees in driving a lean, competitive and sustainable organisation.

Significant results will be achieved when you do, as accomplished by our clients in over 60 countries.

Some examples of our clients’ results include a doubling of production capacity, a customer service rating increase of over 30%, reduction of conversion cost by over 20% and a 30% reduction of safety incidents. These results are a direct reflection of the leadership and commitment of all involved.

Our clients

Our Success

‘Despite good gains in terms of tangible savings, the key improvements we have seen is the engagement of our staff with the business and we are able to use the programme to allow staff to reach their potential in the business.

Engagement is key to our business success and we have seen staff lift their performance and contribution to the business hugely.

The framework has been immensely useful in providing a clear structure into which business objectives and company values can be driven and individual performance can be measured, in a way not possible without CDI’.

Glen Ryan Group Operations Director BrewGroup

At the heart of a world-class organisation is an internal capability to drive Lean on a day-to- day basis.

We provide the framework and tools for your entire workforce to make a difference in your business. We assist you to embed Lean and a high engagement culture in your organisation by developing your internal leadership capability to coach the successful implementation of Lean.

You will achieve high and continuously improving levels of performance.

The culture of high engagement and never-ending improvement towards the vision of excellence will be engrained in your organisation’s DNA

A successful implementation of Lean requires that “Lean” becomes part of your culture and is embedded in your DNA.

CDI specialises in designing a customised solution that addresses the immediate needs of your organisation and also ensures that the culture required to develop a sustainable competitive advantage is entrenched in your business.

We coach your line leaders to implement the process and through regular coaching reviews drive continuous improvement throughout your organisation. A modular, practical approach is developed to implement the process in a manageable way.

With over 25 years of experience in this field our success speaks for itself.

Organisations with highly engaged workforces achieve up to 50% better performance in terms of operating income, net income and earnings per share than those with low engagement
Dr. Dieter Lange, Director

Our Success

The CDI process was successfully implemented in every Nestle’ factory throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Singapore and South Africa. A total of 51 factories and a number of Distribution Centers embarked on the lean journey.

Plants presented a measurable impact on their front-line engagement with significant results being achieved relating to Safety, First Time Quality, On-time Delivery and Efficiency.

‘For more than 10 years I have been on an astounding learning journey with Dieter. His concepts & coaching are profound & practical. Thru this we have been able to drive manufacturing performance by making ordinary people ......extraordinary! Dieter is my sensei in a true sense’
Adnan Pawanteh - Technical Manager, Nestlé Malaysia/Singapore

A reduction in safety incidents of up to 80% was achieved with typical increases in First Time Quality and Master Schedule Achievement of between to 3 – 5 %. “Within 15 months of commencing the MBU process our Distribution Center achieved the highest ever GWP rating of 99%, a 40% increase in volumes and a consistent inventory accuracy of 100%”. Jose Sace.

"The CDI Process (MDW) provides us the tools for a better tomorrow" says Dr Magdi Batato - Executive Vice President Nestle’ S.A Head of Operations

The MBU™ process is a registered trademark of CDI and a proven methodology to enhance productivity for a sustainable competitive advantage. The process has been implemented successfully in over 60 countries, yielding significant results relating to safety, quality, throughput and cost-effectiveness through engaged employees.

The process embeds the principles of lean and front-line engagement in an integrated, practical system. A strong sense of ownership, engagement and accountability is established at the front-line where members take responsibility for their business results and the improvement thereof through the mini-business concept. Our modular approach enables you to apply a systematic implementation of proven best practices to achieve significant, measurable improvement in productivity.

The MBU™ process is designed to translate lean strategies and principles into meaningful practices that can be implemented throughout your organisation. The program is line-driven and provides your leaders and teams with skills to benchmark themselves against recognised world-best practices thereby identifying and then exploiting opportunities for improvement.

The process transforms your front-line into a productive, engaging environment, thereby assisting you to achieve sustainable business results.

Engagement is not a strategy, it is a personal value, a conviction of great leaders.
Dr. Dieter Lange, Director

Our Success

Vitaco Health’s mission is to empower healthier lives by producing world-class health foods, supplements and sport nutrition. The company was formed when two leading health and wellness companies, Nutra-Life Health and Fitness and Healtheries of New Zealand merged.

This presented an opportunity to build on the synergies the two companies brought. CDI’s MBU process was introduced to create a culture of high performance, full engagement and continuous improvement with the aim of becoming a lean, world-class operation

The team has achieved a reduction in LTIFR of 30%, their customer delivery level has increased from 70% to 98%, customer complaints reduced by 31% whilst volumes have increased significantly. All this on top of a 24% reduction in conversion cost. During the past year the aim was to halve changeover times and increase yield, this has resulted in a more than ten-fold return on investment in this Lean process.

The foundation laid over the past years enabled these exceptional results

Work culture determines the long-term success of every organisation. Our safety culture is a key component of our organisation’s work culture and has a direct impact on performance. Most leaders intuitively know a top-down directed, compliance based approach to Safety does not create a culture of ownership, trust and openness with regards to Safety.

When KPIs are set to achieve ‘zero incidents’, ‘zero harm’ or ‘x number of observations’, it often perpetuates the problem of not creating an engaging, healthy safety culture in the workplace.

PsySafe™ adopts an engaging, humanistic approach to Safety, recognizing that self-insight into our personal psychological state and awareness of our PsySafe™ profile enables us to be conscious of our state and our actions in all situations. This insight and awareness enables us to develop safe, healthy work practices.

Members accept personal responsibility for their own and their colleagues’ safety, they assume the role of ‘SafeMate™ and adopt a team member with the aim to coach the colleague with regards to his/her PsySafe™ profile and corresponding actions.

PsySafe™ is integrated with the lean management principles. Rather than observing a person’s behaviour, members are engaged in continuous improvement of Safety by focussing on making the task easier and safer. The principle of observing task performance with the aim of making the person’s work easier, safer, less ‘wasteful’ and thereby more efficient, is key.

“In the end, there are no lean solutions, but rather ways of leading that engage everyone in continuous improvement towards a vision of excellence…”
Jeffrey K. Liker 2016

Our Success

Great inventions often come from a desire or necessity to do something better. EasiYo was no different.

EasiYo is a world-class operation based in New Zealand. With EasiYo products now available in more than 20 countries EasiYo recognises the need to be world class and the value of engaging every member on this journey.

The CDI Lean process was introduced successfully, the culture of continuous improvement is clearly evident in the daily operation. Not only is EasiYo an efficient, world class operation but it is truly a great place to work.

‘Dieter’s contribution has been nothing short of phenomenal. The MBU program is now completely embedded and part of our operating culture. The continuous improvement focus he has brought to Safety, Quality, Speed and Cost have made a significant improvement to our financial results and to the skill and engagement level of our people. His strong mentoring approach means that the team now own the process but we can always rely on him to challenge us to set new higher standards. He has taken us well down the path towards world class.

Brian Dewar CEO EasiYo